Bottomline Projects consists of a team of explorers, scientists, and technical divers from around the globe who share a passion for exploring and documenting the underwater realm.

We focus on exploring and studying the little known areas of our oceans and aquatic world: the reefs found in the "Twilight Zone" between 30 and 150 meters, the old ship wrecks, the cold and murky waters, the unexplored caves. 

We are a registered NGO, and our homebase is in Finland, but we work all over the world. Our aim is to bring people together to get involved in, to support, and to develop the scientific exploration of our planet.


We believe that scientific research and exploration can benefit from people with different backgrounds, skills, expertise and knowledge. We want to provide a platform for those people to meet and explore together, regardless of their educational background or geographical location.

Bottomline Projects also aims to break the norms of scientific communication. Currently, scientific research loses much of its potential, because peer reviewed articles disappear behind the paywall. While we publish our work in scientific journals, we also want to bring science to your living room. We are always exploring new, innovative ways to get everyone fascinated by science.