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HMS Gentian, an Azalea-class minesweeper, in Estonian waters was documented to create 3D model of the wreck for the Military Heritage project within Interreg Estonia-Latvia Programme. This was the first time the wreck was visited by divers. The work was done in cooperation with National Heritage Board of Estonia and SubZone by voluntary divers. HMS Gentian was an Azalea-class sloop that was sent to assist the Baltic States and their fight for independence (Operation Red Trek). While clearing mines on July 15, 1919 HMS Gentian and her sistership HMS Myrtle both hit a mine and sank killing 9 sailors.


The expedition team:  Maili Roio  Immi Wallin  Laura Tuominen  Pasi Lammi  Mikko Paasi  Pekka Vaittinen  Jorma Karvonen  Antti Apunen  Toni Nevalainen  Sami Paakkarinen


Video Produced for Subzone by Bottomline Projects, Mikko and Krista Paasi.

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