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Mikko Paasi


Mikko is a passionate technical diver and explorer, always ready to explore and document the undiscovered underwater realm. Mikko started his professional dive career at the Ojamo mine back in 1998. Soon after, he moved to Thailand where he has been running Koh Tao Divers together with Krista ever since. Mikko found his true passion in technical diving, and as a result Koh Tao Tec Divers was born.

Mikko is an experienced technical diving instructor and teaches SSI, PADI, and TDI technical diving courses in backmount and sidemount configurations. He is a Kiss Sidewinder, Revo, and Xccr certified diver, and a SF2 eCCR rebreather instructor trainer and can train students all the way to hypoxic trimix 100m.


Over the past decade, he has focused on documenting the underwater world through his camera. Mikko has been the camera man in numerous documentaries and films, latest being the Untold Arctic Wars, and has also featured on the other side of the lens in the “Sukeltaja” ("Diver") documentary and "The Cave" movie. Mikko has also published a book “Sukellus valoon - Mikko Paasi and the incredible rescue operation”.


His expeditions have taken him to previously unexplored wrecks such as the Burma Maru and Trusty Star, HMS Gentien, and deep into the cave systems of Mexico, Sardinia, Norway and many others.


Putting his skills to good use, Mikko is a member of the Suratthani Rescue in Thailand. He is known from the Thai cave rescue operation which successfully brought a football team of 13 boys out of the Tham Luang cave in 2018. He is also a Member International of The Explorers Club NY, and was granted a 1st class knight grand cross from the King of Thailand, and a life saving medal from the President of Finland.


Given that Mikko is the one to keep the team spirits up and to put a smile on everyone’s face, and has a wealth of dive leadership and project management experience, it is only natural that Mikko is in charge of the diving side of most of our projects. He is the other founder of Bottomline Projects.


Fredrik Lindblad


Fredi is one of those people who just seems to understand it all. He has an unrivalled curiosity towards all things technical and a determination that drives him to never say no to a challenge.

Fredi is a serious asset to the team as he is an experienced professional photographer. He’s the person you want to have around when you’re wondering why your camera is doing this and not that. He’ll also spot something else you’ve missed: a mishap in your dive gear or that your T-shirt is inside out. Not sure where we’d be without him translating our gadgets for us.

Paying close attention to details comes in handy as Fredi makes an attentive buddy above and below the surface. He is an SSI assistant instructor and dives the SF2 eCCR rebreather, preferably in mines and cold water. Due to his passion for technical diving, Fredi spends most of his hours on land planning the next possible hours below the surface.

Fredi has a strong work ethic having worked as an entrepreneur for most of his life. Currently he’s running a car tuning shop in Helsinki as motorsport has also been in his life since before he could even drive. 


One of the many secret assets he has is being multilingual. He can set us right in fluent Finnish, Swedish and English. He brings a well-rounded knowledge of all things technical, excellent team spirit and friendly atmosphere to our team.


Por Komaradat

Active member

Having been dedicated to diving for decades, Por is a very active technical and cave diving instructor based in Thailand. He is a IANTD instructor trainer for Trimix, CCR, cave, wreck and mine diving. With his true passion in diving being in expeditions of cave exploration, marine conservation, cave survey and cartography. His enthusiasm is not only cave survey, but he also has discovered and located numerous new caves throughout many countries within the Asia-Pacific region. As a part of educational and training courses, he committed his personal time to taking part in coaching proficient technical and cave divers, training competent instructors and inspiring the new generation of divers on how to enjoy diving while appreciating, respecting and protecting the marine habitats with courage that they will become good responsible and respectful divers for the next generations to come.


Jeffrey Glenn

Active member

Australian made, Jeff Glenn has been actively involved in the dive industry for over 2 decades. He is an accomplished technical diver with the highest Instructor ratings achieved with multiple agencies including PADI, TDI, IANTD, and RAID.

While based on Koh Tao, Jeff led the Instructor Development team at Ban’s Diving Resort, the sole dive resort globally that has reached over 300,000 diver certifications. During this successful period, Jeff also owned and operated their technical division named Bans Technical Diving, conducting hundreds of PADI, TDI and RAID Instructor programs as well as countless Technical, CCR and Full Cave diver level courses.

Realising his real passion was in technical diving, Jeff has focused the last decade solely on Bans Technical and gaining invaluable experience through his global adventures visiting the technical diving hotspots around the planet.

Some of Jeff’s recent experiences include

• Deep support diver for Will Goodman’s record 300m dive in Lombok, Indo 2015. Training
for a month with dives including several 200m plunges in preparation for Will’s big dive.

• Exploration to sub 150m+ in the sink holes in Southern Thailand

• Exploration of virgin cave systems in South Sulawesi. Resulting in several kilometres of
new line placed with in the cave systems with plans to return to explore the systems further

• Conducting Technical Instructor training, CCR course, Full Cave training and exploration in
various countries including Mexico, Italy, Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and Malta.

Jeff brings a wealth of experience and a well-rounded technical diving ability to Bottomline Projects and is honoured to be part of this extraordinary team of explorers.


Audita Harsono

Active member

Audita Harsono, also known as Dita, is a talented diver, underwater videographer, and entrepreneur, who has dedicated his life to exploring the beauty of Indonesia's marine life. He was born and raised in Jakarta, far from the island life, but in 2008, he discovered his passion for diving, and it has been his calling ever since.

Dita began his professional diving career in 2010 when he moved to Gili Trawangan to become a dive instructor. He quickly fell in love with the challenging nature of diving, and he has spent the last decade exploring the stunning underwater world of Indonesia's oceans. Over the years, he has worked in many liveaboards and resorts across the country, providing training, teaching, and creating promotional videos for them.

In 2016, Dita discovered his passion for underwater videography, and since then, he has been involved in various projects for TV commercials, cinema, and natural history productions. His work has even extended to advertising for brands like Johnny Walker, Levi's, and the BBC. This has taken him to some of the most beautiful and remote locations in Indonesia, such as Bali, Komodo, Banda Sea, Raja Ampat, and Maratua.

Dita is also the founder of Gili Air Station, a tank refill station in Gili Air that supplies half of the dive centers in the area. His love for diving extends beyond the recreational realm, and he is passionate about technical diving. He has been involved in various technical diving projects in Indonesia, including the Banda Sea Mesophotic Zone in October 2022 and the upcoming is cave exploration in Sulawesi called Nixie Expeditions Buteng, in October 2023, where he will be working alongside many other international cave divers.


Krista Paasi

Active member

Krista is the glue that keeps the show together. 


Originally from Finland, she made an excellent decision to escape the cold and embrace the heat a long time ago. She has spent half of her life in Thailand, gaining a strong, solid background in dive industry management and leadership. Together with Mikko, she has been running the successful dive centre of Koh Tao Divers in Thailand for nearly two decades. More recently, they expanded their adventure and business also to the crystal-clear waters of the Europe’s wreck capital Malta.


Being the one with all the important management, accounting, and social media skills, she is in charge of the big picture.


She’s also not afraid to roll her sleeves up. Her diverse skillset allows her to work in a wide variety of roles. Quite literally so, as she can shoot still and video image underwater, on land, and in the air! With that also comes stellar video editing skills and graphic designer skills – just the whole package.


While also a Divemaster, throughout her career Krista has focussed on the marketing and accounting side of the business. When a website needs building, new business needs to be done, or marketing project launched, Krista can be trusted. And if there is ever something she doesn’t know, she will find out. 


With her experience and skillset, friendly approach and quick wits, and ability to make things happen, Krista is the corner stone at Bottomline Projects and guaranteed to make everything move forward smoothly.

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